Customise your offer on your official website with paybox and stripe


  • Choice of payment methods to suit your business and your customer

  • Flexible receipt, reporting and refund to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Comfort of debiting at time of booking for your customer

  • option to make prices 100% prepayment and automatically the customer

Protect your business from bad debts with 3D secure

3D Secure is a fraud-prevention protocol introduced by Visa and MasterCard.

  • It protects you from repudiation of transactions.
  • Allows the cardholder to be authenticated by their bank at time of booking online.
  • The 3D Secure protocol is available in our solutions, it only needs an activation request.

Benefits to you

  • Saves time
  • Stronger cash flow
  • No input errors
  • Less risk of invalid payments
  • Partial or staggered payments can be collected
  • Card validity can be checked