Meet the hospitality industry’s digital challenges

  • 93% of hotel guests in Europe searched for rooms online in 2015, vs 80% in 2009.
  • 71% of French guests searched online to organise their stay.
  • 60% of hotel guests think web prices are cheaper.

A website is a vital communication tool in today’s digital world.
Reservit allows you to promote your establishment over the web. You boost your visibility over competitors and get noticed by distributors.

Customised optimisation

To suit your brand and e-tourism trends !

Reservit’s development team creates a website to match your brand image. We identify all your requirements for content and identity. To ensure maximum visibility, Reservit edits your website content to make the most of search engine optimisation techniques.

A domain name that includes the name of your establishment is created to host your website and you are assigned dedicated email addresses to clearly identify your hotel when communicating with customers.

Your website is developed on a simple and intuitive platform to make it easy for you to take it over yourselves. It is designed to be user-friendly and available on all tablets and mobile devices.

Your website has direct links to Reservit pages and buttons so you can easily manage your marketing.


  • A website in the style of your establishment
  • Hosting and design by Reservit
  • Dedicated links and indexing
  • Multi-language capability for you to grow internationally