Computerised hotel planning

PlannIT is the software equivalent of a paper-based planning system. Super-simple to use and designed for establishments transitioning to computers, PlannIT allows you to manage your planning schedules, client records, statistics, and more…

It also allows you, without any extra work, to market the establishment directly over the internet using everyday software. Prices and availabilities are uploaded directly to Reservit Hotels to be sold online. As soon as a booking is made over the web, it is downloaded directly to the establishment’s booking schedule.

Whenever a non-web booking is made at the hotel, it is automatically removed from your availability list on the web. This means there is no risk of overbooking.

An efficient, user-friendly tool

The simplicity of PlannIT allows remote configuration and training. Competitively priced, PlannIT allows small establishments to computerise, and do online business on the best possible terms.

A dedicated team offers training and support to establishments using PlannIT.

Using the latest technology, PlannIT offers the utmost guarantee of reliability and security, with the application updating automatically whenever you connect to the web.

The benefits of Reservit

  • Intuitive, visual planning schedule with helpful colour coding, zoom feature, fast search by date, and more…
  • Securely manage credit card numbers requested to guarantee bookings
  • Print out your planning schedules
  • Get automatic updates via “Java Web Start” technology
  • Have secure data storage
  • Manage availabilities and prices, seamlessly coordinating web and non-web bookings
  • Access individual customer records for marketing and mailings
  • Export the establishment’s operating statistics to Excel
  • Real-time bookings via the web interface with Reservit Hotels