What is Click Connect ?

Click Connect allows you to link your hotel with price comparison sites.

Price comparators such as Google, Trivago and TripAdvisor have strong reputations. As price is one of the top criteria when choosing a hotel, travellers visit these sites regularly.

Unlike distributors, online comparators redirect traffic to your website.

Capture Customer directly

From online comparison sites

Millions of visitors a month register on these platforms. They therefore represent major direct booking opportunities on a pay-per-click business model. The cost per click is set by auction.

Connect to the main price comparison sites to benefit from their reputation. As a hotelier, you participate in the auctions with the help of a dedicated team to boost your booking volumes directly and diversify your clientele.

Click Connect allows you to select a “click pack” appropriate for your establishment and monitor your presence on these platforms with complete peace of mind.

Grow your online traffic

Enhance your visibility

Manage connections with comparison sites

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